About our slings

Why Ring Slings? 

To us, ring slings are the unspoken hero's of baby wearing! Simple, easy to use, great for both short and long trips and very easy to keep on hand whether your baby is a tiny newborn or unruly toddler. 

Unlike other carriers, ring slings can be used everyday from birth until your child is 3 or 4, which is good for your wallet and the environment.



100% Linen range

Linen is the perfect fabric for carrying your little ones. Soft, strong and suitable for all round wear, helping to keep your and your little one warm in Winter yet cool in Summer. 

Linen, a natural fibre made from the flax seed plant, requires no chemicals in it's production and is completely renewable, making it one of the most eco friendly fabrics around.

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Artisan Moon range

The secret lies in the the production of the fabric. From seed to sling, no part of our fabric ever leaves the EU, ensuring quality, safe growing/dying practices and sustainability.

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