Introducing Artisan Moon

Luxury fabric, hand crafted by the Masters of Linen

This week we've launched our brand new range of linen ring slings, Artisan Moon. What makes this range so different to many other linen slings and baby carriers? The secret lies in the production of the fabric.

We've been on quite a journey since launching Moon, researching and discovering the very best fabrics for ring slings and baby wearing in general, Moon Sling is a range of ring slings that are produced with both babies AND the planet in mind.

About Artisan

Our newest range of ring slings builds upon our existing range of natural linen slings to offer what we believe to be the very best linen available today. Grown and hand woven just across the boarder in Belgium, the 'Masters of Linen' trademark ensures the most luxurious, natural and sustainable linen available today. 100% made in the EU, it's soft, strong and guaranteed to last years and years of use.

Our first ring sling from the Artisan range is Clay Moon. A beautiful textured beige colour designed to be worn across all seasons.

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Need more information on ring slings?
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